Houghton College Adult Education graduates have gone on to Masters programs in education, law, and business. Some of the programs they have completed include the following:

  • SUNY at Buffalo Executive MBA
  • SUNY at Buffalo Law Program
  • Harvard University Executive MBA
  • St. Bonaventure University MBA
  • Buffalo State College programs
  • Roberts Wesleyan MS in Strategic Leadership

Students and graduates represent a wide variety of corporations and organizations, a sampling includes:

  • Buffalo Board of Education
  • Bush Industries
  • Citibank
  • Cummins, Inc.
  • Dresser-Rand
  • Erie County Meals on Wheels
  • Fisher Price
  • First Niagara Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • Independent Health
  • Kaleida Health
  • Key Bank
  • M & T Bank
  • Moog
  • Motorola
  • Perry's Ice Cream
  • Pioneer Credit Recovery
  • Rich Products Corp.
  • United Parcel Service
  • United Refining Group
  • United Way
  • U.S. Air Force
  • West Valley Nuclear
  • Zippo Inc.


Graduates: What they're saying and where they are.

"Houghton's Adult Education program is the extraordinaire of college degree programs!  I am thrilled that Houghton's Program for Accelerating College Education in Management is adding a minor in Leadership.  This program has exceeded my expectations for the career path that I have chosen and by adding the Leadership curriculum only exemplifies my goal to perform at an optimum level.  My journey that I am on will take me to heights that will enable me to excel in my career of becoming an effective manger in the administrative field and a respected leader in my community."

"This is the completion of a dream started long ago."

"Completing Houghton's Adult Education program was the most challenging and rewarding accomplishment that I have experienced and the best gift I could give myself.  It taught me such a wealth of valuable skills on so many levels that I cannot express the total magnitude in words."

"I came to Houghton College to get a bachelor's degree, instead I received an education."

"The course has rocked me to my management core, and inspired me to reinvent my management style after more than 25 years. This course has impacted me more than any supervisory or management skills training previously experienced."

"I felt that the instructors were the biggest asset in your program."

"WOW!!! No words could describe my feelings upon receiving my degree. A hearty thank you to all for making my college experience so extraordinary."

"People ask me what I'm going to do with my degree from Houghton's Adult Education program and I tell them 'It's not what I'm going to do with it but what it has done for me.'"

"I truly enjoyed attending Houghton's Adult Education program and can report to you that I not only received a substantial salary increase but a promotion in code as a direct result of my degree completion."

"Houghton's Adult Education program administrators can be quite proud of the product they have put together. It has been evaluated by its toughest critics – the graduates who have gone through the program – and it has received extremely favorable reviews. Not only would every single member of the Alumni group recommend it, a good number would be interested in evaluating or attending an MBA program (offered by the college.) [Insight Associates, Inc. research study conducted in 1997.]

"The Houghton Adult Education program, curriculum, course content, overall structure, and especially the staff have changed my life. This college truly deserves its current national recognition and ranking as one of the nation's best liberal arts institutions. For that, the teaching and administrative staff are to be congratulated. I will never forget this enlightening and educational experience. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you."

"What I come away with is far more than I expected. I did not think that I needed to learn to become a manager because I had done it before. Wow! My eyes were opened. I have learned that I did not have the necessary skills to manage properly. I am excited to take these new skills and apply them…"

"I chose Houghton's Adult Education program because it fit my schedule as a working adult, the group interaction and learning experiences are a benefit, and Houghton's reputation as an educational institution is excellent. Putting the time and effort into the program provided proof of my commitment to improving my performance to my management team in the workplace. The program reminded me of how much I really enjoyed learning and inspired me to continue my education beyond the program"

"Houghton's Adult Education program program provides REAL experience. You can immediately apply what you've learned to your current work profession. Houghton's Adult Education program provides real-life experiences, exposing a variety of challenges applicable to today's working environment. Houghton's Adult Education program provides a solid foundation enabling you to reach your career goals. If your goal is to achieve and succeed in your career, Houghton's Adult Education program is your answer in meeting your educational needs."

"Houghton's Adult Education program was the best investment I ever made, financially as well as personally and educationally. The quality of the courses and the instructors far surpassed what I had imagined, and certainly gave breadth and depth to the knowledge they imparted. I am so thankful that I was able to complete the program in the 16 months that it took."

"Although I had twenty-plus years in management, I still needed the framework of a formal education to verify that some of what I was doing was right and to give me the incentive to challenge what I perceived to be my areas of weakness. Houghton's Adult Education program afforded me this opportunity in a challenging but completely attainable program, with convenient hours for classes and a succinct and manageable timeline for achieving my goal of receiving a BS degree. The professors were committed to assisting all students and wove real life business situations into the meaningful curriculum. Assignments were tailored based on the needs of the students and were paced at an appropriate level. Houghton's Adult Education program also gave me the fortitude to continue my education."

"I chose Houghton's Adult Education program because it fit into my life. To quote from one of my assignments, "With the knowledge learned in the courses I could apply management skills even though I am not a manager—it just makes you a better employee and person." And today I am still building on those skills. We were asked to question our thoughts and ideas, to assess ethical situations, to take criticism as growth, and become team members that are proactive and productive. It was truly a journey I will never forget or those involved. It has helped me build a foundation on which my career can move forward in a positive manner."

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