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For Canadian Students

Complete your university degree at Houghton College with classes 1 night a week for 17 months.

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About the Program

  • Complete a Bachelor of Science degree in approximately 17 months of instruction.
  • Complete a 3 credit course every five weeks, attending class only one night per week.
  • Document life learning for up to 24 hours of college credits.
  • Qualify as a full-time student, eligible to apply for state and federal financial aid.
  • Study with other adults, committed to learning.
  • Strengthen your position in the job market.
  • Prepare yourself for graduate school.

Information for Canadians

College vs. University

In the United States, the terms “college” and “university” have different meanings than in Canada. For example, both universities and colleges in the U.S. offer four-year bachelor’s degrees, while a “college” in Canada typically denotes a trade school or a university-preparatory school (similar to “community college” in the U.S.).

As Houghton College offers four-year bachelor’s degrees, we are akin to a university in Canada.  Houghton College is fully accredited and nationally recognized.

Financial Aid

At Houghton College we are committed to helping Canadian students afford completing their degree.  A financial aid advisor will work with you each step of the way.