Houghton Adult Education Online

Online courses offer students the opportunity to earn needed Gap and/or minor credits and also expand educational knowledge - all while sitting at a computer!

All of Houghton's online courses are developed and taught by Houghton College full-time and part-time faculty who are dedicated, experienced educators known for integrating their Christian faith with their outstanding scholarship, teaching and expertise. Houghton's online course content is designed and delivered to meet the same high standards as courses offered in our classroom-based formats.

Houghton Adult Education offers online courses four times a year, starting in January, April, July, and October. Each course consists of five modules with each module lasting two weeks. Thus each course will be ten weeks in duration. Each module will consist of a number of activities to include assigned reading from course text(s), asynchronous dialogues, journaling, written assignments, and etc.

The core of Houghton College’s online courses is the creation of a dynamic learning community that is based on student engagement with each other and with a faculty member. Online discussion and collaboration using Moodle, the college's Course Management System (CMS), are crucial elements in that engagement.  Moodle will also be the main vehicle through which you will access class materials and assignments. 

The following Moodle Orientation for Students is designed to help you successfully navigate and utilize the system.  Please click on any of the links below to learn more about online learning at Houghton College:

If you have any general questions about online learning, please contact Katie Buvoltz, Associate Dean of Adult and Distance Education at 716.378.3215 or katie.buvoltz@houghton.edu

Course Content questions should be directed to your professor

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