Option Courses

One way to help complete your "Gap" is through our accelerated Option courses.

Option Courses are similar in format to the core program classes, meeting five times for 3 semester hours of credit. These courses help students complete Gap credits, fulfill general education requirements or earn a minor. Option courses typically meet on Saturday mornings, every other week and are spread out to allow students more time to complete assignments and reading for each class. In addition, many courses are now being offered through an online format.

Each year four sessions of Option Courses are offered.
        Session 1: January - March
        Session 2: April - June
        Session 3: July - September
        Session 4: October - December

Students may take Option courses while enrolled in core courses. Students receive 12 credit hours of Option Courses (4 courses total) at no additional tuition cost. Beyond 12 credits, the cost is $195/credit hour.  All Option courses have a $50 non-refundable registration fee.

Students wishing to earn credits prior to enrolling may also take Option courses through a Pre-Adult Education term (January – June or July – December) as a full-time student.  Through this, students earn 12 credit hours and are eligible for Financial Aid.  

Below is a full listing of Option courses available. Many of these courses are offered several times throughout the year.  Please note that the courses are broken down into two sections, minor Courses and non-minor Courses. Minor courses are those courses which can be applied to a management degree minor.  All other courses fulfill General Education/elective requirements.

Minor Course Non-Minor Courses
ADC 217 
Social Psychology
ADC 155 
Computer Applications and Issues
ADC 218 
Marketing Principles
ADC 209 
Introduction to Christianity
ADC 301 
Psychology of Personality
ADC 211 
Biblical Literature
ADC 311 
Employment Law
ADC 213 
Masterworks of Sight & Sound
ADC 312 
Advertising Principles
ADC 224 
Birth & Maturation of Western Culture
ADC 319 
Marketing Research
ADC 225 
Western Culture in the Age of Science
ADC 320 
Leadership Development
ADC 295B 
Gospel & Epistles of John
ADC 330 
Conflict Management
ADC 425 
Business Ethics
ADC 446 
Staffing-Performance Management
ADC 448 
Employee Training & Development
ADC 449 
Employee Relations

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