Returning Students

Looking to return to Houghton? It might be easier than you think.

If you have been previously enrolled in the Adult Education program and are looking to re-enter the program, below are the steps you should take for readmission:

  1. Contact your academic advisor. Our staff will determine what your re-entry requirements are and assist you with the process.
  2. Contact our student financial services advisor. Your financial aid is affected by many factors; it is important to learn what financial commitments are being made prior to re-enrollment.
    1. Keep in mind that the tuition rate charged will be that of the cohort joined, which may be different from your prior tuition rate.
    2. If your account with Houghton College has an unpaid balance, a financial hold, or has been sent to collections, you will need to arrange payment prior to readmission or may be denied readmission.
    3. Complete your FAFSA if you have not been enrolled this academic year (FAFSA external link).
    4. Complete the application for readmission and submit to your academic advisor.


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