Writing Center Guidelines

The Writing Center is a service created to help address challenges within a student’s writing and improve understanding of good writing techniques as he/she moves through Houghton coursework, in line with the services already provided by the Houghton Writing Center located on our main campus for student use.

How it works:

  • Tutor from HC writing center will spend 1 hour (60 minutes) going over the paper and compiling feedback.
  • Paper and feedback will be emailed back to student no more than 48 hours after initial submission (Saturday and Sunday DO NOT count toward 48 hour goal).

Access to service:

  • Following the completion of the Business Writing course, students may submit up to 5 assignments for feedback throughout their coursework at Houghton college.
  • The Adult Development professor will retain the option of referring a student to the writing center in extreme circumstances (before completion of business writing) via recommendation to student AND academic advisor.
  • Professor referrals can add up to 3 additional submissions per student, not counting toward the permitted 5, allowing up to 8 total submissions.
  • Students may use their 5 submissions on any written assignment in any course (after Business Writing; including option courses), with no limitations other than total submissions cannot exceed 5.
  • Any professor may recommend to student and academic advisor that service be used.

Key points:

  • This is NOT an editing service. Tutors are not expected to edit every grammatical error in the assignment.
  • Tutors may point out patterns of grammatical errors to be addressed by student during revisit.
  • Tutors will focus on development of paper – does it fully address the assignment, is it organized, is the thesis developed, is the thesis fully supported, is the content all in support of the original thesis, does the conclusion reflect the thesis, etc.
  • Tutors are in no way held responsible for grades received or professor critiques.
  • Students are responsible for appropriate timing - leaving ample time for feedback to be received and corresponding changes and edits to be made prior to assignment due date.
  • Tracking will be done by the Adult Education Administrative Assistant via linked email account system. When a student nears the limit, appropriate academic advisor will be notified.
  • At the end of each month, a simple report will be generated by the Adult Education Administrative Assistant and sent to the Writing Center Director and Adult Education leadership to help keep track of student use.
  • Students are responsible for including a copy of the assignment for tutor reference.  
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