The Houghton College Alumni Directory

Why the change?

We want to foster a world-wide community of Houghton alumni who can support one another spiritually, professional, and socially.  One way to achieve this objective is to allow alumni greater access to one another.  An online directory is much more cost-effective, up-to-date, and environmentally friendly than a printed directory, and can serve as a tool to facilitate alumni connections.  Currently, the directory only allows alumni to view the city, state, nickname, maiden name, and class year of other alumni.

What information will be available after the change is made?

Alumni will be able to see name, class year, nick name, maiden name, mailing address, and email address for alumni in the database unless those alumni have opted to limit access to this information or to make more information available.

Why is the directory unavailable right now?

We have taken down access to the directory to give alumni time to change settings in preparation for the change in policy.  The directory will be inactive from July 22 – August 21 to allow time for adjustments to me made.  The directory, in its new format, will be up on August 22.

How is our information protected?

The directory is password protected and before granting access to anyone we confirm each registrant individually to assure that they are an alumnus/alumna of Houghton College.

What if I don’t want this much information available?

You can control what information is released about you by visiting  Once there you can determine what, if any information you would like to make available to other Houghton alumni. If you would prefer not to be listed in the directory at all, please email us at with this request.

How do I register for the Houghton College Alumni Directory?

Visit the site here, and click on the “register now” link on the left hand side.  Please note that, because we confirm each registrant individually, it might take up to two business days to process your registration.  Once your registration is verified, you will receive a confirmation email.

What rules govern the directory?

The purpose of the directory is to assist alumni in connecting with one another as alumni of Houghton.  Alumni are prohibited to use any information accessed through the directory for purposes of solicitation, SPAM, or other related uses.  Violators are subject to having their directory privileges revoked.  Click here for a full privacy statement: