New Alumni House

Walldorf House becomes Alumni House

Walldorf House was built in 1890 by George Walldorf as a boarding house where local people could meet together and out of town guests could stay the night.  Early in the history of Houghton College, Willard J. Houghton made reference to the success of the "Walldorf Temperance Hotel" as evidence of a growing community surrounding the seminary. 

In 1921, Elanor Woodhead deeded the building to the college in exchange for an annuity, and female students moved in shortly after.  Later in its history, Walldorf housed boys from Houghton Academy.  This arrangement continued until the current boys dorm was built, and Walldorf became men's housing for Houghton College again.  During its most recent years, Walldorf was home to female Houghton students seeking to live in an intentional community environment.


The Alumni Board proposed a use for Walldorf house that will bring it full circle back to its historical roots.  The Alumni House is a place where Houghton alumni can meet together and sleep when visiting their alma mater. Its primary purpose will be to host mini reunions and affinity groups of Houghton alumni and to provide additional housing when housing is in high demand.