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Farrah Collette

High School Teacher

Grad Year: 2010

Major(s):  Education, English

Seemingly, growing up in a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, Canada, wasn't that much different than going to college in Houghton, New York; just exchange the sea for the cornfields. The transformation I went through, however, is much more than location.

Leaving my family, I embarked to go to Houghton without having previously visited. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but I had a feeling I was going to get into a lot of transformational things.

Houghton offered me a top class education, but that's not all: moonlit runs through the fields to the horse barn, conversations in Java 101 over coffee, safaris in Tanzania, student teaching in Cameroon, introspective times sitting in the balcony of the chapel, and long hours in the ceramics studio.

Today, I am a high school English teacher in Baltimore – the thing that has prepared me the most is the mosaic of diverse experiences I had the opportunity to grasp hold of through college. My Education degree has prepared me for the academia aspect of my career, but the relationships, the opportunities, and the perspective I gained through Houghton has prepared me for the vocation of my career.

Teaching high school in the urban demographic of Baltimore is not easy, but Houghton didn't teach me easy – it taught me strength, endurance, and perseverance – three things crucial to being a catalyst of change in our world.