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Landry Jarvis

Medical School Student

Grad Year: 2010

Major(s):  Biology, Mathematics
Grad School:  University of Texas Southwestern

One of Landry Jarvis' most treasured memories at Houghton College is running around in circles with his friends. No, the biology and math double-major did not yield to academic insanity, but he did compete on the Houghton cross country and track teams. His true mastery was in balancing the demands of a runner with the rigors of Houghton's pre-medical and honors programs. He also served as an EMT, student tutor and teaching assistant. Today, Landry is en route toward receiving his Doctor of Medicine at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, Texas.

The journey to medical school was never easy, yet Landry affirms that his Houghton education provided a solid base. "The teachers' standards at Houghton were so high, though attainable, that I was forced to adapt how I studied in order to succeed." Beyond great study habits, he feels a sense of confirmation that God has called him to the right field and blessed him richly in his efforts.

As a freshman, Landry's academic perspective was transformed through the First-Year Honors Program in London. The combined curriculum of history, literature, philosophy and fine arts forced him to look beyond his scientific and methodological mindset and strive toward deep analytical thinking. "London was a brilliant program that challenged my ability to think outside the box and my naïve perspective on the humanities." Drawn to Houghton because of this program, the London experience exceeded his expectations and spurred growth in his life.

Landry used his gifts to challenge other students around him through tutoring and teaching assistant positions, and found great reward in sharing his passion for academic inquiry.

Serving for the local ambulance proved an invaluable experience for Landry. "When I had first arrived at Houghton, my interest in medicine was as battle-tested as David was for Goliath." His experience as a first responder in emergency situations "became the seminal and largest step on a journey" toward his goal of a medical degree.

Currently a second-year medical student at University of Texas Southwestern, Landry is thriving alongside medical students from all across the country. He attributes his success to a fantastic base education at Houghton College and to God who gives him strength day after day.

"Houghton provides an incredibly special environment to grow spiritually, socially, and intellectually," noted Landry. He excelled in the classroom and on the field and was esteemed by his classmates, teammates and professors. Inspired and inspiring others, Landry continues to walk by faith on a journey that is blessed.