Class of 2012

Making an Impact

Based on the experience of Houghton’s more than 20,000 alumni, the possibilities for where a Houghton education can take you are indeed endless. Here’s a snapshot of what some of our most recent grads are up to.

Meredith Toombs

  • Business administration and accounting degree with a minor in international relations
  • Secured a job with the international consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Atlanta

    The education I have received at Houghton has been instrumental in preparing me for my future endeavors. I am so thankful for the learning environment that Houghton fosters. Both my professors and my fellow students have challenged me and helped me grow far beyond my expectations.”

    Kat Wing

      • Intercultural studies and inclusive childhood education double major
      • Accepted a 4th grade-teaching job at Alliance Academy International in Quito, Ecuador

          “My experiences in my classes, with professors, and abroad in Tanzania have collectively sparked my desire to teach abroad. With the guidance from God and the help of Houghton College, I feel more than prepared for what is waiting for me in South America!”

          Nathanael Smith

            • General Science and Writing double major
            • Hertog Fellow at the Hertog Global Strategies Initiative at Columbia University

                "Professors at Houghton ask us to question our preconceived notions, our surroundings, and, ultimately, the very essence of truth. Leaving Houghton with an understanding of truth that was based on a Christian worldview has been an invaluable experience"

                Derek Schwabe

                  • International Relations and Political Science double major
                  • Took a fellowship at Bread for the World

                      “My Houghton education enhanced my interests and helped me explore new fields that I had never known before.  I am stepping off campus after four years knowing that I have acquired something of value to contribute in a world of need.”

                      Spencer (Kyle) Johnson

                        • Bible and humanities double major with a minor in political science
                        • Pursuing graduate work at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

                            “As I look back over my four years at Houghton, I am very grateful for the encouragement, support, and the investment of my professors and the many opportunities that have been provided to me to discover and develop my abilities and sense of calling.”

                            Liz Mason

                              • Spanish and Adolescent Education double major
                              • Accepted a teaching position with Inter-American School in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

                                  “My time at Houghton has been rich and full of life-changing experiences—on campus and abroad. I am excited to teach in Guatemala and know that I have been prepared by my student teaching and international experiences that I was given at Houghton.”

                                  Joyce Taylor

                                    • Art major with concentrations in painting and printmaking
                                    • Accepted a paid internship with the Women’s Studio Workshop

                                        "A beloved art professor of mine at Houghton told me my freshman year that humans are like water, in that they fit the containers they are placed into.  Now, I have realized that it was not my professors' jobs to fit me into a glass cup, but rather to teach me that creativity can only be contained in an infinite space, and that it is up to me to reach for it."

                                        Marilyn Holt

                                            • Biology and chemistry double major with a minor in mathematics
                                            • Enrolling in the biochemistry PhD program at Vanderbilt University

                                                  “Houghton has prepared me to place my scientific knowledge in a global context. I feel ready to continue my education in my PhD program and am looking forward to serving God and the world through the advancements I make in my research.”

                                                  Steve Bower

                                                    • Education and mathematics double major
                                                    • Moving to Philadelphia to pursue a teaching career
                                                      “Houghton has taught me how to persevere, how to be a reflective teacher, and how to build my career on a foundation of faith. I plan on being a vocational missionary; taking Christ to my students wherever I end up.”

                                                      Mitch Weaver

                                                      • Psychology major
                                                      • Enrolling in the sport psychology program at Florida State University

                                                      “The relationships that I have developed with faculty has prepared me for the type of work that I will be faced with in graduate school and eventually in my future job as a sport psychologist.”

                                                      Chris Hartline

                                                      • History and Political Science double major 
                                                      • Working on a campaign for 6 months until the election and then moving to Washington DC to pursue further employment.

                                                      “Much about politics is institutional and can only be learned by doing.  So participating in the American Studies Program last semester, and interning on the Hill probably gave me as much knowledge about the way politics works as anything.  But Houghton has prepared me for life beyond an entry-level position in politics.  My time at Houghton has taught me valuable lessons.”

                                                      Garrett Fitzsimmons

                                                      • Political Science major with a minor in Biblical languages.
                                                      • Working for Wesley Service Corps/Americorps in Buffalo, NY.

                                                      “A professor once told me that Houghton is like a train station, a place to wait and prepare for the next leg of life's journey. Houghton has not just given me the intellectual tools I need for my future career specifically, it has given me the confidence that comes with the breadth the Houghton education.”