Class of '68 Reunion Attendees

Who's coming?

Planning Committee:

Nancy and Houghton Kane
Mary (Morehouse) and Bill Greene
John and Sue (Osterhout) Babbitt
Dick and Ginny (MacNeill) Close
Philip and Nancy Graham
Donna (Berry) and Philip ('67) Stockin


Jon and Cindi (Golias '71) Balson
Bill and Linda (Bradshaw '67) Bordeaux
Beverly (Hatfield) and Max Bowman
Douglas and Susan Evelyn (Kamp) Browne
Jack and Jeannette Burnam
James and Jeannie (Smith '70) Calder
Sara (Sally Fulton) and Bob Christian
Joyce Deibert
Connie (Smith) and Rich ('67) Dorst
Ruth (Surpless) and Thomas Dye
Letha (Forbes) and Tyler Flynn
Martha (Sue Woodward) Forsbrey 
Sharon (Patterson) Fuerch
Sheri (Staub) and Bill ('67) Gay
Nan (Miller) McCullough-Huhta and Jim Huhta
Bob Hayman and Pam Wright
Philip and Celeste Hull
Kenneth and Susan-Jane (MacDonald) Kirby
Dorothea (Surpless) Marro
Sharon (Potter) May
Linda Moore
David and Penny (Salomon) Morse
Gordon and Patty (Giddy '69) Presher
Elizabeth Roby
Ron Streeter
Lynelle Tucker
Dave and Flo (Baker) Wolfe