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Advisor Job Description 

The role you play as a Houghton Connects advisor has significant potential for influencing students. Advisors are asked to abide by the following expectations:

  • Maintain your profile: Keep an up-to-date profile, including current e-mail address and job information. 
  • Give Advice: Students may ask you to provide career advice on resume writing, career exploration, the job search process, etc. Be available and willing to help them with these questions, or refer them to others, when needed.  You are not expected to be an expert on all career related matters.
  • Be Honest: Communicate honestly and respectfully with students when answering questions or providing advice.
  • Provide Feedback: Give feedback to Houghton Connects staff about the program, participants, and your experiences.
  • Be Patient: You may not be contacted right away by one of our students.  Students seek out career advisors based on interests, careers, and majors, so the frequency of contact by our students will be determined largely by their interests and situations.  With that in mind, we will be making every effort to encourage students to take advantage of this program.
  • Know that you are playing an important role as a mentor, helping students in their career development. Thank you!

Houghton Connects is open to alumni from all majors, class years, and areas of expertise. The program offers a flexible time commitment based on personal availability. Because of the program's online presence, alumni from across the country and all over the world can easily volunteer. 

How the program works:

Once your profile information is submitted, your status will be "pending" until confirmed and approved by the Alumni Office. Upon approval, alumni can serve as advisors, and their profile will be available for all alumni and students to view. Alumni can determine how many "contacts" they wish to receive each month. The database for this mentoring program can be sorted by major, occupation/current job description, areas of expertise, co-curricular activities, and geographic region allowing students and alumni to receive more personalized assistance.

How to sign up:  

1. Visit this website
2. Fill out accurate information for your online profile

Returning users:

Update your profile information