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Our Cadets


CDT Latouche

Cadet Latouche grew up in Alabama and later moved to Maine for his elementary and high school years. He attended a private school and lived in a Christian home. He enjoys many activities outdoors, as well as plenty of them indoors. He enjoys all sorts of music, playing table tennis, foosball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and many other things. He is actively involved in student government and student programs and is willing to help out anybody that needs it.  He is a computer science major, with which he hopes to enter the Military Intelligence or Military Police Corps of the U.S. Army. After the Army, he has thought about  joining a police force, and just maybe someday the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

CDT Kiser

Cadet Kiser is a senior Intercultural Studies major, who is preparing to commission as a 2LT upon graduation from Houghton College. She has added Linguistics, French, and Military Leadership (ROTC) as minors in order to contribute to her future plans. Her ambition is to enter the United States Army active duty services in the Military Intelligence branch, and participate in many more Army trainings/schools other than the CULP and Airborne that she has already completed. Her primary goal is to eventually work in foreign embassies for the United States Army, and once retired from the military life, she would like to return to a Junior ROTC group and train the students who are starting where she once began her lifetime goals. In addition to her academics, Cadet Kiser has participated in a number of various sports, though primarily running. Outside of Houghton activities, Cadet Kiser enjoys reading, athletic activities, solving puzzles, speaking new languages, learning about other cultures, and spending time with friends and family.


CDT Buszka

Cadet Buszka is a junior at Houghton College and is pursuing a major in political science. He is from Lancaster, New York, right outside of the city of Buffalo. Outside of school he enjoys snowboarding, working out, playing the piano and hanging out with friends. He is a freshman class senator at Houghton and plays LSM for the college’s lacrosse team. Cadet Buszka's preferred branch of the Army is Military Intelligence, to which he hopes to be commissioned upon graduation.

CDT Weigle

Cadet David Weigle is currently from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Cadet Weigle is a Junior and with a double major in Accounting and Business Administration with a minor economics. He enjoys hiking, working out, skiing, hanging out with friends and reading. He enjoys volunteering with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and helping people file their tax returns. Cadet Weigle is hoping to branch either Aviation or Financial Corp once commissioned and hopes to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam after graduation. After the Army he has thought about becoming an auditor for an Inspector General office.


CDT Ryckman

Cadet Ryckman is a sophomore working towards a obtaining pre-therapy psychology degree at Houghton College. Born in '93 in Rochester NY, he grew up there and played rugby for Fairport high school and club soccer for the Scarlet Knights.  He was captain of the soccer team both junior and senior year, and played full back in the 2011 NYS rugby championship and was captain his senior year.  Cadet Ryckman is perusing an active duty scholarship and hopes to be commissioned upon graduation.