Major in Art at a Top Christian College

Art students in graphic design class at Houghton College

What a Major in Art looks like at Houghton

Earning your Major in Art from Houghton College will be a challenging and rewarding experience. Our art program is structured to develop an understanding of the meaning, both past and present, of art in society. A Major in Art is a diversified degree, offering opportunities such as visiting artists, on-campus exhibits in Houghton's Ortlip Gallery located in the Center for the Arts, and field trips that expose students to cultural resources in cities throughout the northeast.

A distinctively Christian Art program

As an art student working towards a Major in Art at Houghton you will gain confidence as you integrate your knowledge, creativity and Christian faith into the studio and learn from expert faculty committed to your academic, personal and spiritual development.

Study abroad program for art majors

The Houghton Art Department has a superb study abroad program, with department-sponsored trips to: New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Cleveland, Toronto, Rochester and Buffalo. Every two years the art department offers European art-history experiences during May term, traveling to cities such as Paris, London, Florence, Rome, and Madrid.

Art student in drawing class at Houghton College

Graduating with a degree in art

Major in Art can open doors to a variety of careers. Art department alumni can be found working in a wide range of positions from teaching to professional art production. Houghton graduates have also found they are well prepared for graduate school and have been accepted into a number of top art graduate programs.

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