Art as a Second Major BA

The option to take Art as a second major is offered only for those students who plan a double major in Art and another subject. It consists of 36 credit hours of coursework, including the twelve-hour concentration and two Art History courses. As with the stand-alone Art Major, it culminates with the senior seminar, concentration, thesis, including preparation for the senior art show an annual campus highlight.

Studio Foundation8
ART 211 Drawing I 2
ART 241 Two Dimensional Design 2
ART 242 Three Dimensional Design 2
ART 131 Intro to Visual Arts 2
Art History Courses8
ART 231 Ancient Art History 4
ART 232 Renaissance and Baroque Western Art History 4
ART 234 Art and Architecture in Europe 4
ART 235 History of African Art 4
ART 236 Asian Art History  4
ART 237 Modern & Contemporary Western Art History 4
ART 314 Art and History of Film 4
Studio Courses16
ART 285/286/287 Fine Arts Seminar (must take 4 out of 8 semesters; may be repeated up to 4 credits or taken for 0 credit) 0-4
ART 2XX Art Studio Elective 4
ART 3XX Art Studio Elective 4
ART 4XX Art Studio Elective 4
ART 385/386 Junior Studio 1 and 2 2,2
ART 485 Senior Seminar and Concentration 2
ART 486 Senior Concentration and Thesis 2
Optional Course 
Fine Arts Internship 4
Studio Total 20-28
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