Art Major: Studio Concentration

The art department offers studio concentrations in ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. A mixed media concentration is under consideration, as well as a non-studio Art History concentration. The basic studio courses are popular with non-art majors, and fill quickly. Art History classes include an introductory survey course, and more focused historical courses from ancient to contemporary art. The art histories qualify for upper-level liberal arts credit, and are popular with non-art majors as well. The department offers a Mayterm trip to the cultural capitals of Europe every other year for Art History credit. The art department features an annual weekend trip to a major collection in the northeast or mid-Atlantic area for studio majors. In alternate years the department offers courses in African Art History, photography and selected studio courses during the summer at the Iringa campus in Tanzania.

Studio Concentration Requirements

Required CoursesCredits
ART 131 Intro to Visual Arts 2
ART 211 Drawing I 2
ART 241 Two-dimensional Design 2
ART 242 Three-dimensional Design 2
Total 8
Art HistoryCredits
Choose two of the following courses: at least one must be Renaissance, Ancient, or Modern/Contemporary
ART 231 Ancient Art History 4
ART 232 Renaissance and Baroque Art History 4
ART 234 Art and Architecture in Europe 4
ART 235 African Art History 4
ART 236 Asian Art History 4
ART 237 Modern & Contemporary Western Art History 4
ART 314 Art and History of Film 4
Total 8
Studio CoursesCredits
ART 285/286/287 Fine Arts Seminar (must take 4 out of 8 semester; may be repeated up to 4 credits or taken for 0 credits) 0 - 4
ART 2xx Art Studio Elective 4
ART 2xx Art Studio Elective 4
ART 2xx Art Studio Elective 4
ART 3xx Art Studio Elective 4
ART 3xx Art Studio Elective 4
ART 385/386 Junior Studio 1 and 2 2, 2
ART 485 Senior Studio 2
ART 486 Senior Seminar and Exhibition 2
Optional CourseCredits
Internship 4
Studio Total 28 - 36
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