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Art Major: Visual Studies Concentration

The art major with a concentration in Visual Studies is designed to attract students interested in the interaction of art and culture, but without the inclination to pursue a studio major. The importance of visual literacy, and the role of visual languages within cultures – has increasingly become an area of study that takes place outside of the traditional categories of art history or studio practice. What distinguishes visual studies programs is an attempt to relate and connect, through the discipline of art, many seemingly unrelated disciplines through images and image usage.

The Visual Studies concentration builds upon select foundation-level studios, in order to provide perspective on the practice of art, and incorporates this experience with courses currently offered on the history of western art. Then, the student in the Visual Studies concentration develops an area of focus, using electives in various disciplines to explore a variety of cultural contexts, (such as literature, music, and foreign language, business, or potentially any other area of interest) but grounded in Art History and practice.

A 40-hour concentration is slightly more than the 36-hour studio double major, yet less than the 48-hour studio concentration. A 40-hour major allows plenty of room in the student’s degree program for exploration across the curriculum.

Visual Studies Concentration Requirements

Foundation Core8
ART 131 Intro to Visual Arts 2
ART XXX Studio Elective 4
One of the following courses:
ART 211 Drawing I 2
ART 241 Two-dimensional Design 2
ART 242 Three-dimensional Design 2
History Core16
ART 231 Ancient Art History* 4
ART 232 Renaissance and Baroque Art History* 4
ART 237 Modern and Contemporary Western Art History* 4
ART XXX Art History Elective 4
Cross-Disciplinary Electives12
Electives are chosen from across the college curriculum, and are intended to incorporate insights into visual culture
  XXX Elective 4
  XXX Elective 4
  XXX Elective 4
ART 485 Senior Seminar and Concentration 2 or 3
ART 486 Senior Concentration and Thesis 2 or 3
  *Double concentrations take 3 hours each