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Houghton's Biblical Studies Program

The world is complex, and God's people must engage the hard questions that face us. We believe God's word is still relevant and foundational to a robust and winsome expression of Christ's mission. Biblical Studies at Houghton prepares students to be biblically well-versed, theologically informed, and spiritually vibrant Christian scholars, equipped to serve God in a multitude of ways.

The Christian Distinctive

The mind and reason are gifts of God; scholarship assists faith. At Houghton, we seek to apply reason in partnership with grace, as we think critically about our world, the Bible, and ethical issues in the Church and the world. The Bible is not only literature, but also the word of God. We study and teach the Bible as people of faith, without apology, who employ the tools of scholarship to help us listen more carefully to the voice of God in Scripture.

After Houghton

Houghton Bible alumni serve in an inspiring diversity of careers. They can be found in every kind of pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, and para-church work. Our program has a 50-year history of preparing Bible translators and missionaries. Our grads have been accepted to seminary and doctoral programs at dozens of schools. They teach and serve in higher education around the world; others work for NGOs or serve their communities in mental health, health care, and law enforcement.


Biblical Studies News
What Can I Do With My Degree?
Jobs in Bible
  • Pastoral ministry
  • Higher education
  • Para-church ministries
  • NGOs
  • Bible translation
  • Health professions
  • Counseling
  • Law enforcement and the military
Graduate Studies
  • Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Baylor University
  • Duke University Divinity School
  • Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Hebrew Universy, Jerusalem
  • Regent College (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Princeton Theological Seminary
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Wheaton College Graduate School

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