Biology Department

Whether you wish to pursue research opportunities in public health or molecular biology; engage in a professional health care career as a doctor, dentist or physical therapist; or find your calling as a science teacher or lab technician, a Houghton degree in biology will prepare you well.

The mission of the Department of Biology at Houghton is to provide students with the opportunity to explore the living world of God’s creation, in all its intricacy and diversity, within the tradition of the liberal arts. We are committed to excellence in our teaching and research programs and strive to cultivate the ability of each student to master fundamental concepts and underlying theories that unify and describe the major areas of biology, develop critical thinking skills related to experimental design and data analysis to answer biological questions, clearly communicate biological understanding with others both within and outside of the field of biology, and integrate faith with scientific endeavors and a broad range of vocational callings.

The biology program includes five faculty members with doctorates in their fields. Their areas of specialization include molecular biology, cell biology, ecology, botany, behavior ecology, immunology, microbiology and biological oceanography.