BA in Biology

The BA in Biology is designed specifically for students intending to teach science at the high school level. It consists of 41-42 credit hours of coursework: eight hours of General Biology, 26 hours of major-level biology courses, and eight hours of chemistry.

Below are the course requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

Prerequisite CoursesCredits
BIOL 151 General Biology: Organisms to Ecosystems 4
BIOL 152 General Biology: Cellular Biology and Genetics 4
Note: unless a grade of C- is earned in the lecture component of both BIOL 151 and BIOL 152 students must enroll concurrently in BIOL 151 or BIOL 152 if also enrolling in 200 level or higher biology courses.
Total 8
CHEM 151 General Chemistry I 4
CHEM 152 General Chemistry II 4
Total 8
Required CoursesCredits
BIOL 251 Genetics 4
BIOL 482 Senior Capstone: Senior Seminar 2
BIOL xxx Electives 20
Total 26
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