Programs of Study


Experienced Faculty:

  • The biology program includes five faculty members with doctorates in their fields.  Their areas of specialization include molecular biology, cell biology, ecology, botany, behavioral ecology, immunology, microbiology, and biological oceanography.


  • Students intending to major in biology begin their first year with a two-semester sequence of General Biology, which includes a broad survey of cell biology, biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology, animal taxonomy, genetics and molecular biology, origin of species, botany and ecology. After their first year, students plan their academic schedules with their advisors, who are assigned on the basis of specialization. All biology majors are required to take a year of Chemistry, and B.S. students must take two semesters of Organic Chemistry, two semesters of Physics, and a semester of Calculus. All biology majors are required to take Genetics, and Senior Seminar.

Pre-Professional Preparation

Houghton offers pre-professional preparation for the following health professions:


The Houghton philosophy of pre-professional education in the health-care fields combines excellence in up-to-date training with a strong commitment to Christian servanthood. The art and science of health care in the United States and around the world is in a dynamic state of change. Houghton strives to be an integral part of providing the best in teaching, training, mentoring, and equipping for tomorrow’s health-care workers. Moreover, the faculty is committed to working closely with each student in understanding and developing the talents, gifts, and passions God has uniquely given for service in His Kingdom. Upon completion of undergraduate training at Houghton, students are prepared to continue their training in a variety of health-care fields with competence and confidence, as well as a clear sense of God’s calling.

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