The prerequisites for BSN, accelerated BSN and MSN or accelerated MSN programs can vary widely.  It is therefore highly recommended that the pre-nursing student work with our pre-Nursing advisor, Professor Jamie Potter, during their first and second years at Houghton College to review the requirements for specific programs at selected colleges and universities.

Students planning on transferring to a BSN program or an accelerated BSN program typically complete the following courses with their pre-requisites:

  • Two semesters of General Chemistry (CHEM 151, 152)
  • Microbiology (BIOL 242)
  • Nutrition (CHEM 187, 188)
  • Statistics (SOC 307 and 308 or 309 or MATH 131)
  • Developmental Psychology (PSY 213)

Other courses that may be required by specific BSN or accelerated nursing programs (either BSN or MSN) include, introduction to psychology, pathophysiology, theology/religious studies, medical ethics, human growth and development, sociology and pharmacology.

Pre-nursing with Intercultural Studies: 

Pre-nursing students interested in global service careers may want to consider taking the following courses in Intercultural Studies in addition to the pre-nursing courses listed above:

  • INCL 201 Introduction to Global Issues
  • INCL 243 Cultural Anthropology
  • INCL 310 Intercultural Competencies
  • INCL 311 Intercultural Experience

Note:  Completion of all four of the above would constitute a minor in Intercultural Studies.

Other helpful courses for pre-nursing students with interests in missions or related international careers include:

  • INCL 348 Foundations of Health Development
  • MISS 241 History of the Global Christian Movement
  • MISS 242 The Contemporary Church in Missions
  • MISS 342 Biblical and Theological Foundations of Missions
  • Various Bible courses.

Note: Completion of all four of the above courses would constitute a minor in Missions

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