Houghton College Buffalo - Program Details

Houghton College Buffalo provides a diverse core of general education courses in the following areas:

  • Writing
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Social science
  • Literature
  • Communications
  • Bible
  • Theology
  • Mathematics
  • Fine arts
  • Transitions 102 (taught on our residential campus in Houghton, NY; transportation provided)
  • Other subjects in the arts and sciences

As an integral part of the program, students will connect with the broader Houghton experience by completing required courses on our residential campus, engaging with fellow students, and enjoying the diverse experiences the two sites afford; transportation and amenities provided. Along with these core elements, students complete a required 12-13 hour area of emphasis in Liberal Arts at the program site or, when feasible, in another area of study through cross-registration at other Buffalo colleges and universities.


At Houghton College Buffalo, you’ll learn from top-notch professors who aim not to simply communicate information, but to promote innovative thought. They won’t teach you what to think, they’ll teach you how to think.

Transfer Options

Students who successfully complete complete the A.A. program of study at Houghton College Buffalo are automatically accepted to complete their Bachelor’s degree at the Houghton College residential campus in Houghton, N.Y. just an hour and a half south of Buffalo. At the Houghton campus, students may pursue over 70 areas of study. See a list of majors and programs.  Credits may also be transferred to other accredited colleges or universities.

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