Program Details

Houghton College Buffalo combines liberal arts content with a focus on workplace readiness. We want you to understand yourself more deeply and encounter the world more profoundly, while developing your skills in writing, communication, analysis, and the arts. Our business courses will prepare you for employment or entrepreneurship, and our internship course will allow you to experience a vocation you are interested in.

Summer Program

To give you a jumpstart on your studies, we require a summer program in college readiness before you begin classes in the fall. And to help you succeed in your lasses, we provide you with a laptop computer and an NFTA bus pass. After you graduate, we assist you in your transition into the workforce, or help you enroll in a four-year college. 

Houghton College Buffalo provides a diverse core of general education courses in the following areas:

  • Writing
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Social science
  • Literature
  • Communications
  • Bible
  • Theology
  • Mathematics
  • Fine arts
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