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Houghton's Business Program

The business degree at Houghton College provides a high quality professional education while also helping students develop the ability to work in teams and to lead others. The business major includes a mix of classroom and real world education. 


Graduate Agreements


    Opportunities for Business Students

    • Our Student Investment Group manages a six-digit real money portfolio.
    • Professional members of the business community are brought to campus regularly through our Guest Executive Dinners to meet with students and present seminars on topics of current interest in the business world.
    • Every student is involved in at least one for-credit internship as part of their program.

    Learn about more opportunities available within the business major.

    Business students in business investment center at Houghton College

    The Christian Distinctive

    By examining every aspect of our conduct through the eyes of Christian faith, the highest emphasis is placed on service to Christ and to each other. Business majors also learn the importance of conducting all affairs, whether personal or professional, according to the highest ethical standards regardless of what others might accept.

    After Houghton

    Houghton business major alumni can be found in diverse careers around the world.  In a recent survey of graduates, 100 percent of those responding reported being employed in their field or attending graduate school within one year of graduation.

    Houghton College Highlights


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