Business Alumni

While our God never changes, Houghton and the Department of Business and Economics continue to update our programs and innovate in the way we deliver high quality business education. At the same time, we continue our commitment to helping both current students and our alumni integrate biblical principles and business practices.

Each year sees not only new waves of students matriculating and graduating, but also occasional change in our faculty and staff.

We very much value hearing from you and knowing what you’re doing. If you have a minute drop us an email or give us a call to update us on what’s happening with you. If you’re wondering what’s become of that old friend you had when you were here, we might be able to help.

If you haven’t been to the college alumni page to register your email and other information, take a minute to do this so others can find you more easily.

Looking for a job?

Some employers, from time to time, contact Houghton with job openings. Check out the listings on the VOCA website.

If you’re wondering how you might help us, there are a number of ways.

Guest speaker in class.

If you’re able to get to campus when classes are in session, we really value the chance to invite alumni into our classes to give current students an opportunity to learn about what you do and the challenges you’re facing in the workplace.

Job placement/networking.

As you become aware of job openings around you for which one of our seniors might qualify, let us know about them. We’ll help match some prospective students to your openings.


Are there thoughts you’ve had about how we might improve either our curriculum or how we deliver it? We’d love to hear from you. You can help us keep our programs up-to-date.

Special needs.

From time to time we do have special projects for which there just aren’t funds available. Contact any of us to see if there might be a special way you could help. Of course, unrestricted contributions to the college are very important and valued as well.

Do any of these ideas fit you? If so, let us know by sending us an email. Also please come back from time to time, as we add further features for you here.

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