Economics Courses

ECON 210 Principles of Microeconomics (2, Fall)
Economic method, demand and supply, consumer and producer theory, models of product market structure, and selected topics on factor markets, public choice analysis, public expenditure, and finance. Liberal Arts Foundation - Social Science.

ECON 211 Principles of Macroeconomics (2, Spring)
Circular flow of income and expenditure in a market economy with government, financial, and foreign sectors. Economic method, demand and supply, national income accounting, inflation, unemployment, business cycles, theories of aggregate price and output determination, fiscal and monetary policy, and the government budget. Liberal Arts Foundation - Social Science.

ECON 212 International Economics (2, Spring '11)
International trade, international finance, and government policies regarding trade and finance. Why nations trade, protectionist policies, multinationals, financing trade, exchange-rate determination, and international trade and finance in developing nations. 
Prerequisite: ECON 210

ECON 213 American Economic History (2, A-Fall B-Spring)
Economic and business development of the United States, colonial period to the present. May be counted toward economics minor or history major/minor.

ECON 237 Comparative Economic Systems (2, Spring '10)
Examination of alternative economic systems; comparison of U.S. economic system with other economies along capitalist-socialist spectrum. 
Prerequisite: ECON 210 or permission

ECON 240 Development Economics (3)

(See Off-Campus Programs -GO Ed for description)

ECON 301 Money and Banking (2, Spring)
Role of money and financial institutions in a market economy, development of the U.S. monetary system, Federal Reserve System, money creation process, financial regulation and deregulation, financial innovation, and monetary theory and policy. 
Prerequisite: ECON 210 and 211

ECON 302 History of Economic Thought (3, OD)
Development of modern economic thought in Europe and United States. Limited to juniors and seniors. 
Prerequisites: ECON 210 and 211 or permission.

ECON 303 Industrial Organization (3, OD)
Examination of firm behavior in theory and practice; case studies of major industries. Government policies toward business (e.g.: antitrust actions and regulation of business environment). 
Prerequisite: ECON 210 and 211

ECON 315 Managerial Economics (OD)
Theories of consumer and producer behavior with emphasis on applications to public policy and management of business enterprise. Rationality of consumers, decision-making under risk with applications to insurance and investment, theory of the firm and efficient production, benefits of competition and costs of monopoly, and information and price determination. 
Prerequisite: ECON 210

ECON 191,- 2; 291, -2; 391, -2; 491, -2 Independent Study (1, 2 or 3)

ECON 295, 395, 495 Special Topics (1-4, OD)
Group study of selected topics.

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