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Does your business need help with marketing, finances, or research? The Houghton Consulting Group offers a wide range of specialized consulting services to meet your business’ individual needs. We will put together a handpicked team of students to bring fresh insight to your company.

HCG Services and Price List

Contact: andrew.schulz20@houghton.edu

Previous Projects:

Rochester Amerks National Hockey League Performance Report (2016)

HCG: Hilton Head GolfWeek Amateur Tour Championship Report (2015)

Penn-York Camp & Retreat Center - Strategic Recommendations, April 20, 2010

Jamestown YMCA - Strategic Assessment, May 1, 2012 and Pricing Analysis, May 2013

Fidelis Foundation - Strategic Assessment, May 1, 2012

Palmer Opera House - Feasibility Study Report, December 20, 2012