Houghton Consulting Group Services and Prices

Below are a list of consulting services the Houghton Consulting Group offers to assist you and your business. These services are conducted by undergraduate students and offer a wide variety of skills and fresh insight into any business. As part of the Houghton Business Department, we specialize in hand crafting a team of talented students from various majors to help address your business’ needs on each project.

Disclaimer: services are geared towards small businesses

Examples of Services Offered:

Entrepreneurial Assistance

We offer decision making assistance for new business ventures, and help them get off the ground with a new idea. We have experience in planning and assuring all aspects of the business are taken into consideration from the onset. Our team will simultaneously consider the best possible management strategies, accounting practices, human resource policies, marketing strategies, public relation and outreach techniques, and operational activities for your new business. We offer this service at different levels of involvement.

Level 1: $100-$350
Level 2: $350-$800

Market Position Analysis

This service offers an evaluation of an organization’s goods and services with regard to their unique qualities and similarities with their direct competitors. It also involves researching possible competitors, and how a position in the market place may be similar or unique in the market. Looking forward we advise on how the organization might position/reposition itself accordingly. This also involves an evaluation of the organization’s current goods and services to trends in the industry. We also develop an outlook for future demand and the corresponding action steps to take your company into the future successfully.

Price: $350-$800

Communication Audit

This audit entails an evaluation of the organization’s efforts to communicate with its stakeholders. This can involve any or all of advertising, public relations, and internal communication activities. Are the messages your company is sending getting through to the right audience? Or are those messages effectively achieving their intent? Or is anything being communicated in a way which does not represent the organization properly? Let us dive into researching how your stakeholders relate to your company and give you some feedback on how you can improve you communication.

Internal Communication Audit (Culture Alignment): $500-$1,000
Recommended Follow-Up Evaluation: $350-$500

External Communication Audit (Branding Assistance): $200-$1,000

Operational Activates Analysis

We provide a detail oriented analysis of the operational processes of the organization. Perhaps management has already identified specific processes which should be improved, on which our group will concentrate. If no specific processes have yet been isolated, our team will consider all processes and identify the ones which need improvement. The result will be a presentation highlighting any inefficiency you may be experiencing with suggestions for improvement.

Manufacturing: $800-$2,000
Service: $350 - $800

Strategy Formulation

In the case your organization faces a decision, or issue which you believe requires additional attention, our students are ready to provide strategical support. Perhaps there are several choices to choose from moving into the future, and the optimal choice is unclear. This is an open ended consulting option dependent on the needs and goals of the organization. This services is also provided at incremental levels.

Level 1: $300-$1,000
Level 2: Additional $400
Level 3: Additional $300-$600

HR Outsourcing Assessment

Is your company currently considering outsourcing your HR functions? Let us assist you in reaching the most efficient and effective conclusion for your business.

Price: $300-$1,000

Accounting Procedures Evaluation Internal Audit

This service entails a detailed analysis of current accounting and book-keeping practices. Investigating and recommending how accounts should be organized, if additional accounts are required, or perhaps dealing with issues already identified by your management team will be our task. The result is recommendations on how to improve the accounting processes for smooth, accurate operations.

Note: This is not assistance with mismatching accounts or lost funds and will not be done by a certified CPA

Price: TBD

Technological Assessment

How does new technology fit into your organization for betting its performance? Is new technology always an improvement to my profitability, and how is that assessed? Is your current technology in need of upgrading or not? “Technology” comes in many shapes and forms; it may be anything from a refrigerator, or speaker, to a computer, or software, whatever technology your organization utilizes it should be evaluated for its contribution to the success of the organization. Our team will evaluate that contribution and provide recommendations based on our findings. This service will be priced according to the size of the operation.

Level 1: $200
Level 2: $500
Level 3: $1,000

Business Planning

Let us help your business determine its goals and get you to where you want to be. Without proper and diligent business planning, it makes it difficult for you to achieve your goals. Possessing a business plan is an essential element of every business, regardless of size or initial intent. If your organization is missing this crucial element, let our team work with you to develop a business plan unique to your organization.

Price: $500- $1,500

Legal Requirements: Engagements such as those described above often include sensitive information. Our student
consultants are asked to sign confidentiality agreements to protect our clients.

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