Minor in Business

Many Houghton students have an interest in business courses but wish to pursue majors in other departments. They have an interest in courses that will better prepare them to function in a business, church, educational, or government environment.

We offer a minor in business administration, which is designed to appeal to and inform the non-business student and cover a broad range of topics important to perform will in today’s marketplace. The minor is also offered so students may develop the background necessary to apply their major discipline to marketplace environments. Any major at Houghton may be combined with a minor in business except the business major. Students majoring in accounting automatically have a minor in business.

The Department of Business and Economics has designed a broad-based college wide minor to meet these needs.


All courses have the following prerequisites

Minor: 14 hours

Required Courses


ECON 210 or ECON 211 - Principles of Microeconomics OR Principles of Macroeconomics


ACCT 211 - Financial Accounting


BADM 212 - Principles of Management


Electives - Choose from business courses numbered 200 or above, except BADM 309.