Business Majors and Programs



 Because both the business and accounting programs also emphasize the liberal arts, students develop the ability to communicate effectively and think critically–both crucial skills in the business world. 

4+1 MBA

After majoring in business at Houghton, students have the option of getting their MBA in only one year (normally at least a two-year process).  This can save not only thousands of dollars in tuition and other expenses but will enable students to begin a career one year sooner than normal.
Special arrangements exist with Alfred University (Alfred, NY), Clarkson University (Potsdam, NY), Niagara University, and Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY); each of these schools has agreed to waive up to as much as the first year of their curriculum requirements in light of the business courses taken in the Houghton undergraduate program.

Students wishing to pursue this option need to carefully plan their Houghton schedule and, of course, meet the normal admission requirements of the respective graduate school.

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