Internship Planning Guide

If you hope to do an internship as part of your Houghton curriculum, here are some tips to keep in mind as you approach your senior year.

Tip #1:  Begin thinking now and as you take each course about what kind of internship experience would most interest you.  This is, perhaps, the only time in your life when someone will ask you what might be your dream job and then will go out and get that job for you.  Talk to your advisor if you need help thinking about this.  

Tip #2:  Lay out a semester-by-semester plan for all of your courses between now and graduation.  You will probably make some changes along the way but you will want to be sure you can get in all of your course requirements and still do your internship.

Tip #3:  Plan to complete a total of 125 hours between now and the semesters you have left.

Tip #4:  Keep your grades up.  To be eligible for the internship you will need a 2.5 GPA.

Tip #5:  Attend the Internship Information Meeting held each February.  This is a time to hear reports from students who recently completed their internships and to get the latest advice on deciding and planning for your own internship.

Tip #6:  Take as wide a variety of courses as you can before your internship.  This will give you a broader understanding of more areas for choosing the kind of internship you’d like and to make your internship experience more meaningful.  Courses to take before an internship might include management, accounting, economics, marketing, business law, business communication, and human resources management.  Depending on the type of internship you hope to do, your advisor may recommend other courses.

Tip #7:  One more time…talk with your advisor, and other professors, about what kinds of opportunities they might suggest for you, given your interests.  You also might seek the assistance of the Career Services Office staff.  They can help you with an assessment of for what kind of work you  might be suited.  They might suggest something you’ve never even thought of or heard about.

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