Spreadsheet Competency Requirement

For all majors and minors in the Department of Business and Economics

All students majoring or minoring in any program of the Department of Business & Economics must meet a spreadsheet competency requirement. Specifically, this competency is a prerequisite for the following courses: such as ACCT 211 Financial Accounting, ACCT 212 Managerial Accounting, BADM 309 Statistics, BADM 310 Corporate Finance I, BADM 317 Management Information Systems, BADM 330 Operations Management, and BADM 481 Senior Capstone: Business Strategy & Policy. These may be demonstrated in a number of ways.

The ways in which you may document your competencies are:

  1. Satisfactory completion of the Houghton College spreadsheet competency examination on the use of Microsoft Excel.

  2. Satisfactory completion of a college-level course (at Houghton College or elsewhere), a major portion of which is in the development of spreadsheet competency. At Houghton College, BADM 220 Advanced Computer Applications meets this requirement. 

  3. Satisfactory completion of a non-college level training course in the use of such software which requires at least 8 hours of instruction in each area (including Excel) and is evidenced by a certificate or other written documentation, copies of which must be provided to Houghton College.

  4. A letter on company letterhead from your employer attesting to your proficiency with Microsoft Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet application as evaluated by the department faculty.

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