Allen Johnson to Speak on Earth Day

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Chapel, CFA Recital Hall, Alumni Dining Room


April 22, 2013


11:30 AM to 09:00 PM


Houghton College is pleased to welcome Allen Johnson to campus on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2013. Johnson will be speaking in Chapel, as well as giving a lecture at 8 pm in the CFA Recital Hall, and an open student discussion over dinner at 5 p.m. in the Alumni Dining Room.

The coordinator and co-founder of Christians For the Mountains, Johnson has a passion for summoning Christians to act more responsibly toward God’s beautiful creation, particularly the Appalachian mountains.

His chapel message, We Either Will be Lovers Or Else The Earth Will Die (Calling all Lovers!), will be on the future viability of Earth and the social movement to restore planetary ecological equilibrium. “Jesus calls His followers as witnesses to His inaugurated order of God’s love for all creation. God calls us to be lovers,” Johnson says. “We learn love through intimacy; yet express love outward as hope.”

Johnson’s lecture, entitled: Economic, Political and Moral Considerations on the Health Externalities of Mountaintop Mining in Central Appalachia, will discuss the method of mountaintop mining (or mountaintop removal) and the effect that it has on the people in the area. “Demographical studies identify these areas as among the most impoverished, unhappy and psychologically depressed in the nation,” says Johnson. “Yet these externalized human costs are not accounted for in the electric bills consumers pay for their coal-generated power.” Johnson will talk about the moral issue of exploiting a resource for personal gain, while pushing negative consequences onto innocent victims in the area.

Allen Johnson has been the volunteer coordinator for CFTM since its inception in 2005, while still working for Pocahontas County Free Libraries. In January 2012, Johnson retired from his position as Director of PCFL, and is currently contracted full time as coordinator of CFTM. Johnson also produced the DVD film, Mountain Mourning.

CFTM has been featured a number of times for the work that they are doing. These publications include Newsweek, Prism, and Grist, documentaries such as Bill Moyers Journal, and films, including Mountaintop Removal and Renewal.


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