CHAPEL: Earth Day, Dr. Rusty Pritchard

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Wesley Chapel


April 23, 2014


11:30 AM to 12:10 PM


Dr. Lowell (Rusty) Pritchard is a resource economist who has worked at the interface between resource use and environmental conservation for 20 years. He serves as a key adviser to numerous evangelical organizations and leaders on environmental issues. He has also served as President and Co-founder of Flourish, Professor of Environmental Studies at Emory University, and worked with the Evangelical Climate Initiative.

Dr. Pritchard will be speaking on "Christian Environmentalism: All the Best and Worst Reasons to Care for Creation." 

Are environmentalists self-righteous, ideological, misanthropic, and gullible anti-capitalists? Or are they enlightened visionaries who will save the planet from being destroyed by human greed and rapacious corporations? Or is there another way to think about creation care: to connect it with social justice, discipleship, worship, family, food, and fun? When we behave as God's people, using his whole revelation, we can bring salt and light, and humor and hope, to what is often a dismal discourse.


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