Documentary "Outsourced: Clinical Trials Overseas"

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Recital Hall


April 9, 2013


08:00 PM to 10:00 PM


The Health Professionals Club (HPC) is hosting a screening of a documentary series, Fault Lines, called "Outsourced: Clinical trials overseas". As US pharmaceutical companies have move their operations abroad in recent years, India has become a testing ground for trial medicines. This presents ethical issues within the realm of public health, policy, and economics. For example, what role is the US regulatory bodies playing in overseeing drug trials? Are participants aware they are taking part in clinical trials and is the testing being held up against international ethical standards? How do Christian standards apply to complex systems such as this within public health? Join us for the short documentary and panel discussion with Houghton professors from various disciplines. There will be time for Q and A. (Alternative Chapel credit is pending).


Esther Lee



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