Houghton Palooza

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Houghton College / Townhouse Quad


April 27, 2013


11:00 AM to 04:00 PM


Bands will converge on the college townhouse quad for the annual Houghton Palooza event on Saturday, April 27, 2013, from 11 a.m.–4 p.m.

Featuring a day of music, camaraderie and food, Houghton Palooza has quickly become one of the most looked-forward-to spring events on the Houghton Campus.  Strategically set for the Saturday before finals, Houghton Palooza gives students a chance to be stress-free for a few hours before one last push through finals.

The main focus of the event this year will be the music, but there will also be several other activities, including cotton candy and smoothies, a lemonade stand, free pizza from 3 Bums Pizzeria, a redneck swimming pool, a Hippie Fest screen-printed t-shirts for sale by Printed Matter Press.

Featured Bands and singers will include: North Bound with Tyler Smith; Same City with Justin Bowersox;  Lily Among Thorns; Beneath Our Anguish with Matt Giudice; The Autumn Collision with Dan Austin; Crowning Achievement with Nate Floyd; Believers Chapel Band with Jordan Sloat; Cameron Thibault;  Emmi James;  Matt Vogan; and Nick Fredette.

"Houghton Palooza this year should be a great event for the entire campus to come together and enjoy,” said Palooza event coordinator, Katherine Spaulding. “We have a fantastic selection of musicians and activities planned for the day. Palooza has represented the collaboration and teamwork of several groups on campus."

Participating clubs include the Art club, Global Christian Fellowship, Environmental Club, Printed Matter Press, Life Club, Psych Club, FILA, the Lanthorne, and the Class of 2014.  

The event is being sponsored by the townhouses, EPC, Student Government Association, and by the aforementioned clubs participating. 

This event is free and open to the Houghton College Community.


Katherine Spaulding



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