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South End Dining Hall


April 8, 2014


11:45 AM to 12:35 PM


Twan Leeders


With more than a third of the world’s amphibian species at risk of extinction, frogs and salamanders are among the most endangered animals around. Dr. Twan Leenders has spent more than 20 years studying amphibian populations in some very exotic locations. His presentation will highlight some of the challenges amphibians face across the globe but will also show some of the challenges biologists face trying to figure out the patterns behind some of these declines and – more importantly – the challenge of trying to save some of the rarest creatures on earth from extinctionTwan will discuss his experience as a conservation biologist, working with some of the last surviving populations of several Central American frog species and discuss fascinating aspects of tropical amphibian biology. His presentation will be richly illustrated with photographs of many rarely-seen species and places. 

About Twan: Twan is a biologist from The Netherlands, specializing in animal ecology and conservation management. For more than twenty years he has carried out research on birds, mammals and plants in various places on the planet but Twan is particularly interested in amphibians, reptiles and tropical rainforest ecology. As a former researcher at Yale University's Peabody Museum he has participated in many international expeditions that helped gather data to better understand and protect biologically important areas and the species and habitats found there.   He is currently President of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History.


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