MLK Service Day

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Various locations


April 12, 2014


08:00 AM to 04:00 PM


Houghton College’s 10th annual MLK Jr. Service Day will be occurring on, April 12, 2014, Student groups will be spread out around the local community, as well as various locations in Buffalo for the entirety of the day.

Students may sign up for their desired worksites by visiting the welcome center desk.  The deadline to sign up is Friday, April 4. 

Site opportunities include:

Church in Cheektowaga (10 volunteers needed) - The work project  involves painting, cleaning church fellowship area rooms and outdoor landscaping. Lunch will be provided.

Red Cross--Wellsville, NY (4 volunteers needed) - Recondition the blood drive signs  (clean, new paper & tape), and assemble give away for parades (candy & bookmark).

Mt. Irenaeus (open-ended number of volunteers) - Students will be greeted with donuts, coffee, etc. as they arrive. There will be a number of indoor and outdoor service tasks. There will also be a reflective component to the day. Types of tasks are: brush removal, garden, flower bed work, deep cleaning of cabins and buildings, etc.

Houghton Movement and Arts Center (open-ended number of volunteers) - Scraping and painting.

Addie's Ice cream (open-ended number of volunteers) - Students will help with the revamping of the building. May include cleaning as well as scraping and painting.

Houghton Maintenance (0-20 volunteers, ideal for students that need to stay on or close to campus) - Students will pick up leaves and sticks from the main area of campus. 

 This year the MLK Service Day is being orgainized by the new Houghton Outreach Programs and Education (HOPE) Office.  "Jina Libby '15 and I are very excited about the MLK Day of Service being coordinated through the new Hope Office," commented Hanna Kahler '15, HOPE Office employee. "Since it's inception this past fall, the Hope Office has promoted local service opportunities (such as Wellspring Ministries, the Houghton Nursing Home and the Fillmore Powerhouse), but this is the first large-scale campus wide event."

Houghton College believes strongly in the image of the scholar-servant and holds the philosophy that: “Service-Learning is a particular kind of engagement in the community. It is an engagement in which service and learning are equally weighted in purpose: Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn. In Service-Learning, everyone involved is learning and growing and everyone involved is serving… Service-Learning creates a unique atmosphere where servers are served and teachers become learners along with the served.”

"At the Hope Office we are trying to encourage students to regularly engage in service opportunities in the surrounding community," commented Libby. "The MLK Service Day is a great opportunity for Houghton College students to "get their feet wet" and realize some of the opportunities in the local area."

Houghton’s MLK Jr. Service Day began ten years ago as a way to organize various service-learning opportunities at Houghton. With only part-time employees and volunteers from AmeriCorps, the opportunities to participate were minimal.

In 2005, framework was set up for the office of Service-Learning in order to develop specific service-learning opportunities. The foundational program of Martin Luther King Service Day was started, which was the first campus-wide organization of students serving on an annual basis. MLK Service Day was also the catalyst for the annual fall service day, Make a Difference Day (MDD), which was begun in the fall of 2012 with a very successful showing of students who provided community service throughout Allegany County and achieved even greater success with about 500 students participating in MDD this past fall.


Jina Libby & Hanna Kahler



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