Opportunity Day

October 25, 2013

Program Focus: Communication, Intercultural Studies, Art


Registration Time: 9:30 AM
Communication is a vital task of being human. How we communicate shapes who we are. Our postmodern, digital, media-saturated age demands that we view the interaction between language, technology, and images in new ways.

Whether you are seeking a career in broadcasting, journalism, public relations, advertising, sound design, digital media, law, or business, the ability to communicate is essential. And the communication major at Houghton College provides the foundation and skills to thrive in these fields and more.

Houghton’s Opportunity Day in Communication will provide answers to your questions and offer you insights into how Houghton can exceptionally prepare you for your chosen career. Learn about career options, talk with communication majors and faculty members, observe a class, and more!

Intercultural Studies

Registration: 9:30 AM

Do you want to prepare for the challenge of today’s multicultural world? Do you want to follow God’s leading to make a difference in an intercultural setting around the globe or in the United States? If so, the Intercultural Studies major at Houghton College is for you! The Intercultural Studies major prepares you to join Houghton graduates serving around the world in fields such as missions, Bible translation, community and international development, health services, education, relief work, refugee services and other service-oriented vocations in diverse cultural contexts.

Houghton’s Opportunity Day in Intercultural Studies will provide answers to your questions and offer you insights into how Houghton can exceptionally prepare you for your chosen career.  Learn about career options, talk with intercultural studies majors and faculty members, observe a class, and more!


Registration: 9:30 AM

If you’re interested in pursuing art as a major, you won’t want to miss our Art Opportunity Day.
Painter? Graphic designer? Sculptor? Photographer? Doodler?

A Houghton degree in art can open doors to a variety of careers: gallery director, studio artist, advertising director, video game designer and graphic designer. Houghton graduates have found they are well prepared for graduate school and have been accepted into a number of top art graduate programs such as the Savannah College of Art & Design, Penn State University, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison, just to name a few.

Connect with current art students and faculty members in a variety of ways: tour the art facilities, learn about majors and off-campus program opportunities, and participate in workshops. By the end of the day, you’ll have a clearer picture of what it means to be an art student at Houghton College.

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