Philharmonia Concert featuring Concerto winners

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Wesley Chapel


February 13, 2015


08:00 PM to 10:00 PM


On Friday, Feb. 13, the Houghton College Philharmonia Orchestra, in partnership with the Lake Shore High School Orchestra, will perform a joint winter concert titled “Old World/New World.” The performance will take place in Houghton College’s Wesley Chapel at 8 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

The concert will feature performances by both the Lake Shore Orchestra and Houghton’s Philharmonia as well as one joint piece. The concert will also include the debut of two works by the winners of the Houghton concerto competition, Robin McLaughlin and Esther Efthimiou.

“Robin's winning piece entitled ‘The Joy of My Spirit’ opens the Houghton portion of the concert, and Esther is soloing on the first movement of the Ibert Flute Concerto,” explains Philharmonia director, Dr. Justin Davis. “The blending of Robin's new premiere with the older piece of Dvorak's symphony comprises the old and new world. The intended irony is that Dvorak's symphony is subtitled ‘New World’ to represent his musical depiction of early America and Native American musical influences. So the tables turn on Dvorak as his ‘new’ is now ‘old,’ but yet we have the pleasure of recreating this masterpiece in a new way. God's gift of music is one way the old and new of our human understanding can be juxtaposed and refreshed.”

The Lake Shore High School Orchestra will also participate in a special day of masterclasses and clinics leading up to the evening’s concert.

The Houghton Philharmonia Orchestra is a flexible group of nearly 60 orchestral musicians including strings, winds and percussion. Both music majors and non-majors participate in this ensemble as well as players from the community. To find out more about the group, please visit


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