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Houghton College


April 2, 2014 - April 5, 2014


07:00 PM to 11:30 AM


HOUGHTON, N.Y. - Houghton College students will host a Take Back the Night movement on April 2 through 5 with a series of lectures, workshops, and events to raise awareness of, and combat, sexualized violence of women.

"I think Take Back the Night is important because it touches on an issue that affects many people. We probably all at the very least know someone who has been sexually assaulted, and yet it is something that is not talked about very much with grace,” said Lois Leete ’15, Houghton student and one of the event coordinators.  “Especially in the media, there is lots of victim blaming, which leads to silence. We want to break that silence, because an issue that is not talked about cannot be remedied.” 

It is estimated one in three women worldwide has been forced into sex, beaten, or otherwise abused during her lifetime by a friend, colleague, partner, stranger, or employer. Less than 50 percent of these crimes are reported to the police.

The events will begin on Wednesday, April 2 with a film and panel discussion entitled Flirting with Danger.

On Thursday, April 3 the general public is invited to attend various workshops and seminars. The first seminar starts at 11 a.m. titled Sexual Assault in the Bible; it will be a discussion led by guest speaker, Dr. Elizabeth Gerhardt from Roberts Wesleyan College. In the afternoon, a variety of workshops will be led by professors and students from Houghton College. A selection of workshop titles are: Modesty & Creepiness, An Honest Talk About Pornography, and Walking with Us (Befriending the Brokenhearted).

Friday, April 4, Houghton will host a Symphonic Winds Concert at 7:30 p.m. in the Wesley Chapel. This concert has the theme of Music and Healing to go along with the Take Back the Night movement. This performance is free and open to the public.

Following the concert, all are invited to join a Speak Out and March around the campus quad.

On Saturday, April 5, Houghton students are invited to participate in a Cattaraugus Community Action Training Seminar.

When asked about why men might want to be involved with Take Back the Night, Wynn Horton ‘15, a male college student and also one of the event coordinator stated, “one in five men will experience sexual victimization at some point in their lives, and one in six are sexually abused before they turn 18. While Take Back the Night emphasizes the strength of women, men need to be involved in these conversations - both to learn from and grow in respect for our sisters, and for victimized men to step out of the margins of minority statistics and into the light.”

Take Back the Night was established in 2001 by Katie Koestner. In 1999 Koestner became the first woman to speak out nationally about date rape. She worked with others to establish international headquarters and the charitable Take Back the Night foundation, which seeks to end all sexualized violence, including sexual assault, domestic, and dating violence.

For a full schedule of events and times, please see below:

Event Itinerary:

Wednesday (April 2nd): Houghton Students                               

- 7:00 PM - Film Presentation & Panel Discussion  – Flirting With Danger [Location: Library 303]

Thursday (April 3rd): Open to the Public

- 11:00 AM - Opening SeminarSexual Assault in the Bible [Location: Chamberlain 123]

> Dr. Elizabeth Gerhardt (Roberts Wesleyan College) - Guest speaker Dr. Gerhardt of Northeastern Seminary has background in theology, social ethics, and church history. Join us as she speaks on the topic of sexual assault and the Bible.

- 12:00 PM - Lunch with Dr. Gerhardt

- 5:00 PM - Workshop #1 [Location: Lennox Dining Hall]

> Dr. Mike Lastoria & Kristina LaCelle-Peterson– Modesty & Creepiness

- 6:00 PM - Workshop # 2 [Location: Chamberlain 123]

> Dr. Ben Lipscomb & Dr. Kristina Lacelle Peterson – Wait – Overcoming Frear of Feminism: A Dialogue of Men and Women Working for Justice.

- 7:00 PM – Workshop #3 [Location: Chamberlain 123-A & 125-B]

> A) Ms. Jackie Ogega (Co-Founder of Mpanzi) – The Persistence of Rape Culture

> B) Short Film & Discussion – Sut Jhally’s Dreamworlds 3 [Warning, some material may be explicit and difficult to watch]

- 8:00 PM – Workshop #4 [Location: Chamberlain 123-A & 125-B]

> A) Ms. Gina Leete – Domestic Harassment & Assault: When Am I Allowed to Feel Violated?

> B) Dr. Connie Finney – Words That Kill: Punch Lines, F-Bombs, and Riding Shotgun

- 9:00 PM Workshop #5 [Location: Chamberlain 123-A & 125-B]

> A) Wynn Horton & Roxanne Kehr – An Honest Talk About Pornography

> B) Lois Leete, Brittany Libby, & Katherine Tomlinson – Walking With Us (Befriending the Brokenhearted)

Friday (April 4th): Open to the Public

- 7:30 PM – HC Symphonic Winds’ ConcertMusic & Healing [Location: Wesley Chapel]

- 9:30 PM – Speak Out & March [Location: Chapel Steps & Prayer Chapel] - Join Take Back The Night to listen, share, chant, and march in order to conquer the vulnerability felt in darkness or hidden sexual assault. Sexual violence of any sort is wrong; let's give voice to this and empower ourselves to speak out!

Saturday (April 5th): Houghton Students

- 10:00 AM – Cattaraugus Community Action Training Seminar Bringing in the Bystander [Location: Chamberlain 123]  This is an interactive workshop with experts from Cattaraugus County in preventing sexual assault.

Ongoing (April 2nd, 3rd, & 4th)

- Interactive Art DisplayJoin With Others & Create a Piece of Art to Reflect Your Story [Location: Campus Center] 


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