You Belong

Houghton is known as a friendly place.  We hold doors for each other, actually make eye contact and say hello. And when someone asks how you are doing, they honestly want to hear the answer.

To us, community means more than just being friendly; it's how we do life together.

As a Houghton College student, you will be KNOWN— mentored, cared for, supported and guided— while you are here and into your future.

It's all about community
In Their Words
"Houghton is a place where there is so much potential for growth, both in faith and friendship. I have made wonderful Christian friends who have encouraged me, helped me, and prayed for me. Houghton has become my second home."
Angelica Tennant '18
Houghton Stats
At Houghton, we place a high value on the residential experience. Over 90% of our students live on campus.

Find your niche

Play an intercollegiate sport. Run for student government. Write for the campus newspaper. Perform in a music ensemble. Volunteer in the community. Join the Ultimate Frisbee Club or tutor refugee children.
With so much to explore, you are bound to find something you love.
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Feel like you need some space?

As a Houghton student, our 1,300-acre campus is yours to explore! Our stunning outdoor setting makes it easy to find a place to pray, think, study or play. Hike the trails in the Houghton Forest or splash in the creek that runs through campus. Camp out in our lean-tos or learn how to ski or snowboard on our ski hill. Try out horseback riding, build a campfire in the woods and roast marshmallows, or kayak down the Genesee River.
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