Student Organizations on Campus

Take your pick from more than 16 official campus clubs and organizations!

CAB (Campus Activities Board)

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is a student organization that plans campus-wide activities that are both fun and community building. From hoedowns, to Halloween parties, to movies in the chapel and rallies at sporting events - CAB plans them all. Students can volunteer to help with just one event or, if they want to be more involved, they can apply for year-long positions as CAB staff.

Drawing Board

Equestrian Society

The Equestrian Society allows for equestrian majors and non-equestrian majors to spend time cultivating their knowledge and love of horses. Housed at the Houghton College Equestrian Center, this club welcomes new riders and experienced equestrians.

Gadfly Society

The Gadfly Society is a club that allows philosophy majors as well as those interested in philosophy to come together and share their interest. This club often sponsors forums and viewings of movies with follow-up discussions that are pertinent to the campus climate.

GCF (Global Christian Fellowship)

Global Christian Fellowship reminds the Houghton students to look not only to those directly around them, but globally as well. GCF coordinates weekly prayer topics that focus on one campus issue and one global issue and that are prayed for by the campus community daily. GCF also holds weekly meetings to promote global awareness and action, hosting missionaries as well as students who have a global outlook.

Imitators of Christ

Imitators of Christ gives students the opportunity to dig deeper into their Christian faith alongside faculty, staff and other non-student community members. Together, the small groups formed through this club choose topics related to the Christian faith to delve into throughout the year.


Mercy Seat

Mercy Seat is a student-led worship group that holds praise and worship services every week night of the school year. Mercy Seat provides a worshipful, reverent atmosphere for students through prayer and worship.

Paddle Sports

Paddle Sports is a fun-loving, adventure-some crew, who engage in the excitement of the water. Through practices held in the college swimming pool, they learn skills such as how to roll kayaks, perform wet exits, handle water rescues, and perfect paddling techniques. This club takes local trips and also enjoys water sports, such as white water rafting, kayaking and sailing.

Psi Chi

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club gives students the opportunity to dialogue with other students who are interested in studies related to the field of psychology. They often sponsor forums which allow students to look more deeply into issues of psychology as well as looking at how the Christian faith relates to psychology.

Runnymede Pre-Law Society

SASF (Salvation Army Student Fellowship)

The Salvation Army Student Fellowship (SASF) allows students to be involved with the Salvation Army and its mission. By sponsoring a Salvation Army store in the basement of the Reinhold Campus Center every semester, SASF members have the chance to help further the charge of the Salvation Army.

Sigma Zeta

SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management)

Houghton's student chapter of SHRM opens opportunity for students, regardless of major or discipline, to discover opportunities to help people thrive in any organization. Participating in SHRM helps you better understand and develop leadership skills. SHRM members explore issues relevant to any workplace/profession such as effective management practices, employee motivation, violence in the workplace, and sexual harassment. Activities include special topic speakers, attending professional dinners in Buffalo, providing career services to fellow students, and networking with HR professionals.

Spanish Club

This club allows for those who have an interest in the Spanish culture and its language to learn more from each other and faculty about the culture that they love.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Government Association (SGA) gives students the chance to be more involved in policy making, procedural structure and decision making on the Houghton Campus. Members of SGA give students a voice on committees around campus as well as voicing the concerns of fellow classmates on campus.

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