Audio Visual Department

The Audio Visual Department provides the Houghton College community with access to a collection of instructional equipment and a wide range of audio and video services. The management of AV resources includes:

  • Equipment research and upgrades
  • Equipment checkout program
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Production services
  • Duplication services
  • Technology training
  • Equipment setup

Available Equipment

  • VHS Video Cameras
  • Mini-DV Digital Video Cameras
  • G4 Macintosh Video Editing Workstation
  • IT Projectors (computer projector, Powerpoint projector)
  • Slide Projectors
  • Projection Screens
  • Overhead Transparency Projectors
  • 16mm Motion Picture projectors
  • 35 mm Filmstrip Projector
  • Audio Cassette Recorders
  • CD players
  • Phonograph Players
  • Portable PA systems
  • DVD Players
  • VHS Tape Players
  • Digital Camera
  • Other miscellaneous items

Media Services

  • Equipment Check Out
  • Passport Photos (B&W or color)
  • Audio Production Services (Cassette or CD duplication)
  • Video Production Services (VHS or DVD duplication)
  • Editing and Format Transfers
  • Photocopy Services
  • Fax Services
  • Laminating Services
  • Technology Assistance
  • Off Satellite Recording
  • Other Miscellaneous Services

Technology Support

The Audio Visual Staff offers technical assistance to our College clients who request help. Help is available at three levels.

  • Users of AV equipment can receive instruction from AV staff on how to operate items of equipment.
  • Faculty can request a trained student to attend their presentation. The student will provide equipment set up, operation, and take down services. Request for student assistance must be received at least 7 days before the scheduled event. This allows time to arrange for a student operator. Events may be arranged by contacting AV or using the online support form below.
  • At times faculty experience difficulty with classroom technology due to malfunction. These incidents may be reported directly to AV or using the online support form below.


Audio Visual equipment is available for checkout to all college employees.

A number of methods can be used by college employees to checkout equipment.

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Online requests
  • Checkout forms (available at the AV Office or download here)

Students may check out equipment with faculty approval.

Certain items, such as IT projectors, must be reserved on the main calendar ahead of time because of the high demand and limited number of units.

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