College Nametags and Business Cards

College Nametags

Nametags may be ordered directly through Hodgins Engraving Co. in Batavia, NY.

Sample Nametag

If placing an order for the first time

  1. Call Hodgins at 800-666-8950
  2. Provide them with the following information for each nametag
    a. Name
    b. Title (optional)
  3.  Payment must be made using your or your department's college credit card  

For orders of 5 or more, please submit your nametag order via email to in an Excel spreadsheet with separate columns for first name, last name and title.

    *If you have previously placed an order through Hodgins you may email your order to orders@hodginsengraving.comDo not provide your credit card number over email.

    College Business Cards

    Business cards are ordered through Zenger Printing in Buffalo, NY, using their online ordering service, Z-Print.

    If you already have a Z-Print account follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the Z-print website:
    2. Login with your Z-print username and password
    3. Follow the steps outlined to place your order

    If you do not have a Z-Print account, contact Jenny Kaselau at Zenger Group at 800-876-2440, x1105, to create an account.

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