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Aimee White

Enrollment Coordinator

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Erie, PA

Educational background

BS in Educational Ministries, minors in Spanish and Bible (Houghton College 2009)

Interesting fact about me

I have snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef!

Why I chose Houghton

There were a couple of reasons I chose to come to Houghton, but I would say the main reasons were that I wanted to study abroad in Australia and because I wanted to be an Intercultural Studies major.

Favorite Houghton Memory

There are so many I can’t pick just one! But to name a few…being in Spot (Houghton’s variety show), roller skating in the gym, studying abroad in Australia and Costa Rica, living in the townhouses, making funny movies for class projects, the first Houghton Film Fest soiree, and late night trips to the truck stop. But there are so many more!