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Ashley Dean

Resident Director of Lambein Hall

  • 585-567-9220 ext #2200
  • Residence Life and Housing, Student Life Office
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Ashley graduated from Houghton in May 2011, completing her degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a minor in Family Studies.  Ashley has a passion for both Student Development and Human Resources, and has enjoyed the opportunity to integrate these two passions within the Residence Life and Housing department.  During her time at Houghton, Ashley served as an RA for two years in Lambein Hall, as well as the ARD for the Townhouses and Flats. 

Ashley is looking forward to working with her RA and EPC staffs to bring unity and cultivate growth in the women of Lambein Hall.  Romans 12:10-13 represents the vision for Lambein, placing an emphasis on spiritual devotion and service, sisterly love, joy, and hospitality.  Ashley, along with her RA and EPC staff members, leads Lambein with the goal of fostering intentional actions and sincerity within relationships.  This year’s focus for the hall will be on showing God’s light, both internally within relationships in the hall, as well as externally to the campus as a whole.   Ashley is excited to see the ways in which Lambein can serve as a light this coming year.