Casey Conklin

Admission Counselor

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Send Me An Email

Regions Covered

  • Rochester, NY (zip codes: 14400 - 14699)
  • Southern Tier (zip codes: 14700 - 14799)
  • Allegany County, NY (zip codes: 14700 - 14899 - select)
  • Southestern US (zip codes: 22000 - 42999)
  • Western US (zip codes: 50000 - 99999)

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana  

Educational background: BA in Communication and Education (Nazareth College, 2011), MS in Communication Media Technologies  (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2013)


Interesting fact about me: I moved to Nunda, NY (a town near Houghton) with my family in 2005 when we were displaced from our home in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Even though it sounds horrible, it is actually the best thing that happened to my entire family and me! It brought me to Houghton and yielded many other blessings.

Along with Houghton, I love: Lots of things: my family, friends, kayaking and outdoor activities, baking, crafting, and music (especially all of the awesome music concerts, programs, and opportunities at Houghton). I also love any and all kinds of seafood. I’m a New Orleans girl; what can I say? Above all else, I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to be here at Houghton!

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