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Floyd Richmond

Interim Professor and Coordinator of Music Education

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  • D.A., Ball State University (1994)
  • M.M.E., Delta State University (1982)
  • B.M.E.,Delta State University (1980)

Courses Taught

  • Music Education Methodology (Instrumental, Choral, Elementary and Secondary General Methods, and Student Teacher Supervision
  • Music Technology (Notation, Composition, Orchestration, Production, Digital Media)
  • Music Theory and Musicianship I-IV
  • Research Methodology in Music and Thesis Supervision
  • Music Appreciation and Music from a Christian Perspective

Professional Members/Associations

  • National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
  • Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME)
  • College Music Society (CMS)
  • Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI)
  • New York State School Music Educators Association (NYSSMA)
  • Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA)

Professional Experience/Achievements 

  • President of TI:ME, 2016-2017
    • Established international composition contest
    • Established webinars
    • Increased membership
    • Increased partnerships and concurrent conferences with state MEAs
    • Education and Curriculum Director of TI:ME 1996-2016
      • Developed certification program
      • Developed materials and publications
      • Established highly regarded Master of Music in music technology and technology track in music education master’s program at previous schools
      • Established a highly regarded teacher education program for music educators
      • Ball State University, Best Dissertation Award, 1994

      Why I Teach at Houghton

      My philosophy of teaching is best summarized in the following:  “The goal of education is to insure that individuals and societies survive and thrive. Mere survival, however, all too quickly becomes pointless. This is where the arts and humanities excel. They nourish the soul. They feed the imagination and foster creativity. A complete education must include beautiful music, songs of love and inspiration, stories of determination and perseverance, the ability to discriminate between good and evil, and the courage to act in the appropriate moment. A thriving society requires a generation of dreamers. When found in the population in good measure, all will prosper. Let us choose well how we educate our children.”

      I was attracted to Houghton College by its reputation for excellence. Since arriving, my interactions with students, faculty and administrators have convinced me that that reputation is well deserved. The music program offers a conservatory training with rigorous applied study in a primary instrument each semester. Students majoring in performance, composition, music education, and music industry develop expertise in their chosen fields, but leave with and approach their careers with the insights of a professional musician. 

      When I came to Houghton for the first time, I encountered a banner that reads, “Deeply Christian.” Those words are taken seriously and they resonate fully with me. I sensed an immediate bond and have been welcomed into Houghton’s musical training and Kingdom-building community. Students who attend Houghton find a supportive and compassionate faculty, with demanding standards of excellence, who also welcome them to that community. 

      Research Interests 


      • Books
        • Learning Music with GarageBand on the iPad: The Essential Classroom Guide to Music Production, Performance, and Education with iOS Devices. Alfred, 2015.
        • Audio, Video and Media in the Ministry (Nelson's Tech Guides). Thomas Nelson, 2010.
        • Composing Music with Notation. (Alfred's MusicTech Series), Alfred 2007.
        • Technology Guide for Music Educators. Thompson, 2005 (chapter author).
        • Technology Strategies for Music Education. Hal Leonard, 2005 (editor).
      • Selected Presentations and/or Organizations – Click here for additional details
        • College Music Society/Association for Technology in Music Instruction
        • Technology Institute for Music Educators
        • National Association for Music Educators
        • New York State Music Educators Association
        • Ohio Music Educators Association
        • Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
        • Texas Music Educators Association
        • Michigan Music Educators Association
        • Georgia Music Educators Association
        • Florida Music Educators Association
        • California Music Educators Association

      Other Interests/Hobbies/Enjoyments

      I enjoy music (performing, composing, and teaching), contemporary and traditional worship, music technology (recording, producing, web development, programming), biking, fishing, boating, hiking, and traveling.  I thoroughly enjoy home-cooked meals and BBQ!