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James Zoller

Professor of Writing and Literature

  • 585-567-9465 ext #4650
  • English & Writing
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  • D.A., State University of New York at Albany (1984)
  • M.A., San Francisco State University (1973)
  • B.A., University of New Hampshire (1971)

Courses Taught 

  • Principles of Writing
  • Advanced Composition: Narrative and Personal Essay
  • Creative Nonfiction: Writing about Cultural Issues
  • An Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Contemporary World Literature
  • American Literature Survey
  • African-American Literature
  • The Beat Writers
  • Banned Books: Literature and Censorship
  • The Immigrant Experience in American Literature

Professional Experience/Achievements 

  • Van Gorden Chair in Communication and Writing
    Houghton College, Houghton NY (2004-2007)
    • Completed Living on the Flood Plain, poems, (2008)
    • Projects in progress
      • Just War poems
      • A Book of UnCommon Prayer, poems
    • Professor, Writing and Literature
      Houghton College, Houghton NY (1994-present)
    • Associate Professor
      Houghton College, Houghton NY (1988-1994)
    • Teaching Fellow
      State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany), Albany NY (1981-1984)
    • Instructor, full-time, temporary
      University of New Hampshire, Thompson School of Applied Science, Durham NH (1979-1980)
    • Director of Christian Education
      Dover Baptist Church, Dover NH (1978-1979)
    • Instructor, full-time, temporary
      Tidewater Community College, Norfolk VA (1976-1977)
    • Instructor, full-time, temporary
      University of New Hampshire, Durham NH (1973-1974)


    • Blog, “Flood Plain: Travel Postings, Thought Pieces, Personal Perspectives.”
      http://flood-plain.blogspot.com. 2010-present.
    • “Child of Joy and Consolation, ” poem for Prism Concert series bulletin. 2012.
    • An article on Busan for PNU Magazine, Vol 32, p.34. Summer 2011.
    • “Let the Earth be Silent No More,” wedding poem for Ian and Kristen Zoller. 2009.
    • Living on the Flood Plain, a book of poems published by WORDFARM. 2008.
    • “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Disquiet,” poem written for and performed at the Christmas   Celebration, Houghton Wesleyan Church, Houghton, NY. 2007
    •  “The Classroom,” poem in The Tennessee English Journal. 2007.
    • “On the Occasion of Marriage: A Triptych,” poem for Stefan & Rachael Zoller. 2007.
    • “The White Mustang,” short story in The Broad River Review. Spring 2007.
    • “Notes for His High Calling,” poem in Stonework, Issue 3. Dec. 2006.
    •  “Notes for His High Calling,” poem commissioned for 80th birthday of Dr. William T. Allen, Professor Emeritus and composer; performed, Houghton College. June 2006.
    •  “Breaking Ice,” “The Interval,” “Romance of Air and Bones,” “This Most Obvious of Things,” “Bottle,” “Words for His Widow,” “The Life of the River,” and “New Snow,” poems in Stonework, an online journal, Issue 2. May 2006.
    •  “Pilgrim” poem in Milieu. Summer 2005.
    •  “My Grandfather’s Hand,” “Winter Flowering,” poems, Tennessee English Journal. Fall 2003.
    •  “Faith,” a poem in Milieu. Fall 2000.
    •  “The Idiom of Marriage” poem for Kaitlin and Jeffrey Erikson. June 2000.
    •  “Sky Upon Us,” a poem in The Best of the Prose Poem. 2000.
    • Review books for Choice, American Library Association. 1999-present.
    • Simple Clutter, a book of poems, Mellen Poetry Press. 1998.
    • Monthly column, “Something to Chew On.” Wellsville Daily Reporter newspaper. 1997-2003.
    •  “A Box of My Father’s Things,” a poem in Blue Violin. July 1997.
    • Columnist, Houghton Starstudent newspaper. 1993-1996.
    •  “Sunday Morning,” a poem in The Christian Century. Oct. 1994.
    •  “Sky Upon Us,” a poem in The Prose Poem: An International Journal. vol. 3. Summer 1994.
    •  “Soccer Match,” a poem in Literature: Reading Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and the Essay, 3rd ed. Robert DiYanni, ed., McGraw-Hill. 1994.
    •  “Half Con-” “Moments in Late Summer,” and “Webs & Windbreaks” poems, in Red Dancefloor. Fall 1993.
    •  “Big Animals,” a short story, in The Laurel Review. Summer 1993.
    • Advent readings for worship, 5 Sundays, Houghton Wesleyan Church. Nov./Dec. 1992.
    •  “Soccer Match,” a poem, in “Houghton Academy News.” Fall 1992.
    • “Touring Moss Lake” and “A Finger of Ground,” poems in Oxford Magazine. Spring/Summer 1991.
    •  “Ducks,” a short story in Blueline, Vol. XI. 1990.
    •  “Rocking the House,” a poem in Blueline, Vol. X. 1989.
    •  “Old Man in Orchard with Sythe,” a poem in Zone 3. Winter 1989.
    •  “Webs & Windbreaks,” a poem in Kentucky Poetry Review. Fall 1988.
    •  “The Orchard,” a short story in Blueline, Vol. IX. 1988.
    •  “At Home in the Country,” a short story in Blueline, Vol. VII. 1987
    •  “Watermelon Rind,” a poem in Oxford Magazine. Fall/Winter 1987.
    •  “Christmas List,” and “Provision,” poems in Other Poetry (UK), No. 21. 1987.
    •  “This, This …” in Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry. 1986-1987.
    •  “Untitled Domestic Poem” in Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry. 1984-1985.
    • Review of War Stories, a book of poems, in Christianity & Literature: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Fall 1985.
    •  “The Evil Rose,” a poem in The Greenfield Review. Summer/Fall 1985.
    •  “Equinox,” “Aging,” and “Untitled Domestic Poem,” poems in Other Poetry (UK), Vol. VI. 1985
    •  “Farm for Sale/ 147 Acres, By Owner,” a poem in Arachne Inc., Vol. 2. 1984
    •  “Untitled Domestic Poem” in Blueline, Vol. 5. 1984.
    • Two short stories & approx. 25 poems in literary journals & small magazines. Prior to 1984.
    • Two articles in The English Record and His Magazine.

    Conferences, Presentations, and Addresses

    • Faculty Workshops on blogs as teaching tool for Houghton College Faculty Retreat. Aug. 2012.
    • “When the Moon Goes Round,” presentation at Houghton College Writing Festival. Oct. 2011.
    • Guest writer and lecturer, lecture and workshops at local schools, writing clubs, etc., on subjects related to writing and writers. 1984-2009.
    • “How Poets Work,” Guest lecturer in Writing About Literature classes, sophomore level, Houghton College. Sept. 2008.
    • Read exams for College Board: AP Literature ('80-'93), AP Language ('97-'07), SAT ('95-'00), GMAT ('95-'97).
    • Attend AWP annual meetings alternate years. Contributed to Pedagogical Forum. 1987-2008.
    • Read “The Paradox of Christian Arrogance,” a paper on Flannery O’Connor. Conf. on Christianity & Lit., NE Region Messiah College, Grantham, PA. Oct. 1992.                           
    • “Stories, Poems, and Riddles,” Commencement Address, Houghton Academy Commencement Exercises. June 1992.
    • Arranged workshops & readings for Donald M. Murray, nationally known writing researcher for area English teachers.  Co-sponsored by BOCES, Poets & Writers. Oct. 1990.
    • Read “Something Out Of Character,” a paper on Anne Tyler. Popular Culture Convention, Toronto, Canada. March 1990.